Corporate Overview


Amsco Healthcare Marketing Pte Ltd was established in Singapore in 2002 as a means to offer healthcare solutions for the medical community.

The company is a thriving spin-off of Summit Company (S) Pte Ltd. The catalyst for its achievements was a line of gastroenterology products that was marketed to great success by Amsco’s diligent sales team.

With a sales force compromising of dedicated and motivated individuals, the company has developed and maintained good relationships with doctors and pharmacists both in the public and private segment of the healthcare market.

Through the years, the company has built a long and successful track record. Today, Amsco Healthcare Marketing Pte Ltd is a market leader in the field of products it represents, and is poised to expand its product portfolio to meet the growing demands of Singapore’s healthcare system.

Vision & Mission

Placing the key to good health in the hands of every Singaporean

At Amsco, we strive to be able to offer unique healthcare solutions to Singaporeans when needed. Our strengths lie in ensuring that healthcare providers are equipped with the best available tools and information when treating patients. By focusing on offering personalised attention to healthcare providers, both Pharmacists and Doctors alike, we are able to help ensure that the best solutions are accessible to each patient.